Re-Channel Market

In order to get maximum visibility, wider audience and better conversion, it is important that retailers make their presence felt in different online channels such as marketplaces, price comparison sites, shopping portals, affiliate networks and more.

But each channel has a different protocol for listing. Data feeds need to be optimized and pricing fixed. Retailers find it difficult to manage the multitude of tasks associated with marketplace listings from account set up and data feed management to intelligent pricing

Content4Commerce have a team of experts who can work out the different tasks for you. We help retailers with account set up, data feed management, categorization, optimization and more.

Marketplace Management

Online marketplaces have become a favourite with online shoppers as they can shop at one place from multiple vendors after comparing pricing. Sellers on the other hand can enjoy better ROI as they get access to a wider audience. In order to make the most of this competitive landscape, sellers need to decide where they wanted to be listed – larger ones like Amazon or eBay or niche ones etsy, overstock, zibbet and more. Each marketplace has specific requirements for listings and a seller may not be equipped to handle the complexities.

Content4Commerce will help you through every step so that your products get the maximum visibility and therefore better conversion.

Competition Intelligence

Competitive intelligence helps online businesses to form new business strategies to stay ahead of the pack. You need to be fortified with this information when you are entering a new market, launching a new product and so on.

Content4Commerce helps online business to study market trends and competition to formulate marketing strategies cohesive with your pricing competitiveness.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing gets better qualified traffic to your website. It is vital to your digital marketing campaign. A major competitor may have a leg up on you if they employ better SEO or SEM techniques.

Most online retailers do not understand the intricacies involved in paid marketing. From keyword research and account structure to content strategy and title tag format, Content4Commerce helps you all the way.