Re-Engineering Data

Shoppers today are highly enlightened - they are cautious, price sensitive and information hungry. So, retailers need to be smart about providing right and complete information as well as attractive pricing. They need to offer a multi-channel experience and rapidly on-board SKUs online with complete attribute sets, descriptions, images and pricing.

In this scenario, retailers struggle with the demands of the savvy shoppers for detailed product data. They are constrained by tight budgets, stringent timelines and an already overburdened ecommerce team. Retailers handle multiple vendors with non-conforming data formats, incomplete data sets and other gaps.

Content4Commerce offers a suite of product content solutions that will help you onboard your SKUs on time and with complete data.

Online Catalog Services

Detailed pages with attributes are important when on-boarding new products. It also helps if you can fix information gaps for underperforming categories. Vendors send in product data in different formats and sometimes the information is incomplete.

Content4Commerce offers enhanced and complete product data in a uniform format across product categories.

Unique Product Description

Content should draw customers and entice them to click and buy! It should be informative, engaging, and persuasive. Retailers find it to be a burgeoning challenge to handle the demand for unique product descriptions that “sell” without actually selling.

Content4Commerce has a team of expert content writers, editors and SEO analysts who deliver unique optimized descriptions.

Digital Asset Management

Visual content is vital to e-commerce marketing strategy and every visual cue blurs the distance between browsing and shopping! Visual assets enrich user experience, they help engage, convert and retain customers.

Content4Commerce helps create and manage digital assets that ensure maximum engagement.

Data Migration

Safe, quick and seamless transfer of data is important. The process is complex, risky and time-consuming. Content4Commerce has experts who can handle Data Migration with minimum impact on your business operations.